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Get the following you deserve. Increase your time interacting with your following and decrease your time chasing it.
  1. Ability to get 1,000+ Followers on Twitter less than 20 days
  2. Mass Following and Direct Messaging tool
  3. Target your following and add them all in a couple of clicks
  4. Works for over 18 other websites and social networks besides Twitter
Sound too good to be true? Take a look at one of our customer's twitter counter. Best part is... it's free to try!. Download webDOM now and start DOMinating the web. webDOM comes with some sites built in. If you want to use it with other sites, visit our Site Profiles page and see the sites webDOM already supports. You've got nothing to lose, give yourself the great advantage and online exposure you are worthy of!
3 Most Recent Sites Supported by our bot: Web.stagr.am, SiteTalk.com, Mixify.com
We Now support Windows Vista! Vista users need to follow the Windows Vista Download Instructions after they download and install webDOM
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Use webDOMinator as a fully programmable friend adder, mass messenger, web scraper, and mass mailer on sites like
MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Tagged, Tagworld, Digg, Twitter, Yahoo, Youtube, StubmleUpon, Reddit, Del.icio.us, Mixx, GarageBand
Mixi, Mog, Dopetracks, Fropper, Hi5 and basically any social network or web page that you want to interact with automatically.
Promote your music, your product or your event with this powerful marketing tool. More flexibility
than Badder Adder or Friend Blaster Pro. Whether you're a band or someone looking for a good
affiliate marketing tool, we offer the best in online social marketing and promotion. Enjoy the 14 day free trial on us!