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Target and Add Friends / Send Private Messages on ANY Social Network or website automatically. Improve your market reach with the most powerful and affordable new Social Marketing tool. Watch the Video to see how.
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Google Plus, FDating, Web.stagr.am

Why webDOMinator Friend Adder?

  • Get Started within minutes on any site of your choice, or many at the same time!
  • We have excellent customer service, just read our testimonials page... you can also chat with us on skype right now if you want
  • Our software works on over 110 Social networks out of the box, for no extra charge
  • The program is constantly evolving and we are always updating and making new Plugins
  • There's a growing community of webDOM users (online marketers like yourself) who share notes, plugins, scripts, and comment on existing plugins, giving you the extra support you need to become a webDOM Guru
  • New Video Tutorials every week from the webDOMbot.com team sharing tons of cool tips and tricks on how to DOMinate any site
  • You have the power... if a plugin breaks, you can fix it yourself or we can fix it for you and redistribute it to all of our users instantly. Either way, you do not need to rely on us, so webDOM will always work for you
  • Enjoy full customization of any of your plugins, or make your own using our automatic scripting tool, take the power of webDOM automation into your own hands with our simple yet powerful custom-built scripting language providing unparalleled versatility in friend adder software
  • Set it and Forget it with webDOM's scheduling system, and high-level automation control, your webDOM bots will work for you 24x7 so you can focus on the more important things in life
  • There is no other software like it, plain and simple.

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In ReplywebDOM 4 is now in beta... get a trial download :l:/wd4/download
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Use webDOMinator as a fully programmable friend adder, mass messenger, web scraper, and mass mailer on sites like
MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Tagged, Tagworld, Digg, Twitter, Yahoo, Youtube, StubmleUpon, Reddit, Del.icio.us, Mixx, GarageBand
Mixi, Mog, Dopetracks, Fropper, Hi5 and basically any social network or web page that you want to interact with automatically.
Promote your music, your product or your event with this powerful marketing tool. More flexibility
than Badder Adder or Friend Blaster Pro. Whether you're a band or someone looking for a good
affiliate marketing tool, we offer the best in online social marketing and promotion. Enjoy the 14 day free trial on us!