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Makes webDOM gather a certain number-of-items from the current browser page. The current page on the browser should be a page in a list of pages, with Next links to eachother. webDOM will stop autogathering as soon as it has reached the limit imposed by number-of-items specified or if it gets to last page of the list of users. If number-of-items or any other Auto-Gather limit setting is not used, autogather will stop when it cannot find a next page link.
This applies to webDOM version 2.1.2 and above.

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Ways to use autogather with limits

Written by: webDOMinator 8 years and 5 months ago

Okay, if you want to just autogather 200 friends, that's simple enough... autogather

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Usage: gather
Description: Gathers all possible items to all used lists. This command will gather from one page only To gather multiple pages, use autogather.:200

But let's say you wanted to autogather only for five pages.


autogather is called with no arguments and before you call it you set the page limit to five. Let's say you wanted to do by friend limit or page limit... you could do:


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