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Welcome to the Game!

There are multiple ways to earn webDOM points:

  • Worth 2 points
    • Submit a Note about a Plugin
    • Submit a Script
    • Submit a Comment on the Scripting Reference
    • Write a Review on a User Plugin
  • Worth 4 points
    • Answer a question in the Knowledge Base
    • Upload a new plugin
  • Worth 10 points
    • Link a website to webDOMbot.com (do-follow only. must be verified.)
    • Get a new user to download webDOM through your V-Link
    • Create and link a webDOM video tutorial to the community
    • Upload a fixed version of a broken plugin
  • Worth 20 points
    • Hold a webDOM event
  • Worth 30 points
    • Be the first to report a true account of abuse of the system
    • Be the first to review and report a harmful plugin

Each of the actions has a limit to how many points you can earn performing that action each day to keep the game balanced. The actions worth four points or more will only be worth points once a day or longer. The actions worth two points will only be worth points twice a day or longer. Any action that you perform which is not worth points, will add to your reputation in the community. This means that if you happen to be kind-hearted and decide to answer 3 Knowledge Base questions in a day, you will be given four points once, and the other two times you will be awarded a little more rep.

Only webDOM users with a positive reputation may gain points. People trying to abuse the system will not be tolerated. If a player is caught abusing the system, their webDOM license could be suspended or revoked.

The more points you have earned in your career as a player, the more reputation you will gain when another player votes for you. The more reputation that a player has, the more reputation they will give you when they vote for you.

These are the ways you can spend your points:

  • One free day of webDOM: 10 points
  • One free week of webDOM: 50 points
  • Banner Exchange
  • Updates page advertising for a week: 300 points
  • Front page advertising for a week: 900 points
  • Lifetime webDOM activation on one computer: 10,000 points

The Awards System

It will be possible to get awards to show off in your user profile. There are many types of awards that are available from most talkative, to best reputation. Keep makin' that webDOM magic and Awards will come automatically.

The Reputation System

In this game, it pays to help other people. Your reputation is one of your most prized qualities in this community, don't tarnish it! Reputation works by a voting (thumbs up / thumbs down) type of system that is available on your webDOM profile. Users with a positive rep will rise to the top, while users with a negative rep will fall to the bottom. The best way to get positive reputation is to be helpful and courteous to your fellow webDOMmers. The age old addage of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" comes into mind when your rep is concerned.

Play Fair

Yeah, we know we made a robot that allows you to have an advantage in situations like this. This is why we made our own robots that can kick your robot's ass. If our game watcher robot catches you trying to dupe the system or gain false rep, etc. it could have grave consequences for your reputation. Another wonderful way to get negative rep is to try spamming webDOM users. It's basically impossible to do with webDOM, but if you are caught attempting it, your rep will be tarnished and your license could be revoked.

Copyright © 2008-2021 Nathaniel D. Gibson. All Rights Reserved.
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