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How do I transfer my paid webDOM license to another computer?


Okay, just register your new computer to your current user name by clicking "Yes" when webDOM asks you to register, then clicking "I already have a user account" on the registration page. If you already have a paid license in the system, the next page should show a "Transfer" link on the title of the next payment page.

Click that link, and you will see a list of your current licenses paid and unpaid. If you have paid licenses, you will see your "Unpaid" license in the drop down box entitled "select license to xfer to". When you select the title of the license you wish to transfer the payment to, you will immediately be redirected to the transfer page which will transfer and then redirect you back to the licenses page where you will see the changes you have made to your licenses.

You are allowed one transfer per 20 day period for free. If you would like to do more, you must pay a fee in order to complete each excessive transfer. You may only transfer your license payment to other computers which you have registered under your current webDOMinator username.

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