StumbleUpon takes it's users to similar websites to their interests. Easy to start, and easy to add friends... no other bots that we know of. Now, the webDOM 3 version includes adding friends, sending PM's, Liking, sharing, commenting. No CAPTCHAs found, if you find one, please report.

Plugin Last Updated: 8 years and 10 months ago
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Any of the Actions or Features below can be customized easily, or you can even add new features to this plugin through webDOMinator

Automatic Actions

  • Like Stumble

    Likes any stumble from a gathered list of stumbles

  • Review It

    Reviews any stumble from a list of review pages

  • Follow / Add Friend

    This a default action for all webDOM plugins. As a Friend Adder, webDOM can automatically follow/add any user from a user list

  • Send Private Message

    This a default action for all webDOM plugins. As a Mass Messenger, webDOM can automatically send a private message any user from a user list


  • Auto Gather

    Gather any user or other data from any page (or multiple pages) on stumbleupon to use later for automation

  • Auto Log in

    webDOM can automatically log in or switch accounts on stumbleupon including switching proxies and clearing cookies


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