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Accounts System File Format

This tutorial explains a little about how the Accounts system stores it's data so that you can work with the account data using other programs

Controlling Automation Speed

This explains the specifics of how speed control works, and the importance of going slow.

Creating Randomized Text using DynamicPhrases

How to make your messages and other input fields unique using randomized synonyms. This is like article spinning but for messages and text parsing in general.

Getting Started with WebDOM Premium

Some Guidelines for getting started using Premium

Getting Started with WebDOM Standard

Shows you how to get started on webDOMinator Standard Edition (Beta)

How webDOM Works: An Introductory Breakdown

Did you open up webDOM Premium Mode for the first time and feel lost, despite the Start Here popups? Here's a tutorial that will get you fully acquainted with "Simple View" in Premium Mode.

ID Auto-Population Options

How to control Automatically populating/gathering friend ID's from multi-paged lists of users.

Mulitple Accont Management

This is a briefing on the new accounts feature added recently to webDOM. Covers the basics and some advanced methods for setting up multiple accounts for one plugin.


This explains more about how webDOM works and gives you a better idea of the most important tool to help you make webDOM do whatever you want.

Setting up Proper Internet Explorer Options

Tells you how to best optimize your IE options for use with webDOMinator and for best automation and security against virii

Setting up the Universal CAPTCHA solver

This tutorial shows you how to get started step-by-step with the new CAPTCHA automation features in webDOM. Also includes important notes and how to set up your plugin to use the universal CAPTCHA solving system

Setting Up User ID Gathering

How to Gather Friend ID's from any site

Startup Scripts

When you're trying to get webDOM to perform it's actions automatically when it starts up, you must use a startup script.

The Action Toolbox

Introduces and Explains the new Action Toolbox Section along with how to control the actions available and use them in scripting.

Using Command Line Arguments

Explains how to start webDOM from the command prompt and explains specific arguments which control what webDOM does while it's running.
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